Our experienced team offers a
comprehensive range of services
to keep you healthy and happy.


Examinations & Screenings

This first step in any treatment process is to gather information.  Exam procedures consist of an interview and physical and orthopaedic exam procedures.  Screenings for conditions like scoliosis can be performed.



According to a recent chiropractic article, 60-80% of the population in North America will suffer from back pain or injuries at some point during their lives, with one to five percent suffering from chronic back pain that lasts six months or longer. In order to address this common condition, the chiropractic professionals at Peosta Farley Chiropractic Inc assess your specific condition and implement the safest and most effective subluxation correction methods. Typically this is treatment is performed by hand but results can be achieved with the use of drop tables and adjusting tools.

Manual Therapy 

The many methods and techniques of manual therapy all involve specifically directed manual force to the body in order to improve range of motion, relieve muscle tension and to reduce musculoskeletal pain this consist of stretching, trigger point release and traction.

Physiotherapy Modalities & Electrotherapy

Physiotherapy modalities and electrotherapy are commonly used in the treatment of many patients experiencing back, neck, arthritis and other musculoskeletal problems. In order to properly address our patients' ailments, Peosta Farley Chiropractic Inc utilizes the latest chiropractic techniques and technology to determine the most effective therapeutic procedures for your unique condition. 


Additional Services:

  • D.O.T Certified Drug and Alcohol Screening Collection 

  • D.O.T Driver Medical Examinations

  • Sports Physicals

We are able to easily accommodate screenings and physicals.  Simply call the office nearest you, and we will have you in for an appointment within the week.